Poesia turca contemporanea: Cüneyt Ayral

Poesia turca contemporanea: Cüneyt Ayral, da Antonio Blunda

Antonio Blunda

Cüneyt Ayral was born in Sisli, Istanbul, on 13 February 1954. After completing Ondokuz Mayis Primary School in Sisli he entered the German High School, but after one year his father’s job took the family to Ankara, where he attended Atatürk High School. Upon graduation he studied at the Public Administration for Turkey and the Middle East Institute’s School of Management, graduating in 1979.

Here he took courses in management technics at multinational companies, the organization of communication in public administration, and comparative development models for Turkey and Japan, publishing several articles on these subjects. He also took private lessons in social and cultural anthropology from Prof. Dr. Bozkurt Güvenç of Hacettepe University Faculty of Social Sciences, and became interested in the behavioral sciences and psychology.

Ayral had his first experience of working life at a young age, taking diverse jobs such as working as a shop assistant at Universal…

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