Poet Cenk Gündoğdu wins the Arkadaş Z. Özger Prize

With a ceremony held lately in İzmir, poet Cenk Gündoğdu has been awarded the Arkadaş Z. Özger Prize for his book “Issız”, prized as best first work of last year. In the committee were poets Haydar Ergülen and Sina Akyol, among others. Interestingly, in his acceptance speech Gündoğdu has reiterated his skepticism about poetry awards, intervening in an ongoing polemics about the poetry prizes in Turkey, and their effect on the publishing sector. Nonetheless, he expressed his happiness for the award, dedicated to the memory of Arkadaş Zekai Özger (1948-1973), a poet killed in unclear circumstances and known for his rebel stance in the context of the poetry of the 1960s-early 1970s.


18 May 2013 · 07:00

3 responses to “Poet Cenk Gündoğdu wins the Arkadaş Z. Özger Prize

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog site and liking my translation of a poem from Turkish. While I can only understand the poems in their original Turkish on your site, I also thank you for alerting me to your blog sphere by stopping by mine. I look forward to learning more about modern Turkish literature through your work.

    • Dear Hulya, it was my pleasure to visit your blog! I am sorry for limiting my translations of poems to Italian, but the scope of the blog is to present recent poems in Italian translation (most of the readers in Italy don’t know but Nazim Hikmet, and that’s a big pity!). I’m trying to keep updated about Turkish poetry reviews but they’re so numerous! :) elinizden bir yeni haber gecerse, tabii ki re-blogging edecegim!

  2. Dear Nicola, the feeling is mutual then, as I have been so pleasantly surprised to see modern Turkish poems on your site. Literary translation is a process I believe to be limited within the languages one is most competent in and comfortable with. It is, after all, a cross-cultural bridging that we are doing during that process. Yeni bir haber elime geçerse, tabii ki memnuniyetle! İyi geceler size ve çevirilerinizde iyi çalışmalar.

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