Gonca Özmen – Senza Titolo

Una composizione del 2013 di Gonca Özmen, buona lettura!


Say ki omzuna bir kuş, dalgınlığına taş sektirmişim
Yokluğuna kibritler

Işıklı bir şeylere benzemişiz giderek
Cıvıltılı bir şeylere

Bir rüzgar gülü sonsuz dönmüş ağzımızda
Bir zebra fırlamış benden


Immagina un uccello sulla tua spalla,

ho lanciato un sassolino sulla sua smemoratezza

fiammiferi sulla tua assenza


Andando avanti ci si scopre somigliare sempre più

a cose luminose, al loro pigolio


Una rosa dei venti ruota nella nostra bocca senza posa

Una zebra si lancia via da me



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15 responses to “Gonca Özmen – Senza Titolo

  1. I have been wanting to learn Italian as far as I can think back. With the poems of your selection and my unfortunate lack of understanding your translations, I know I have to act fast to get there. :o) Thank you for your site!

    • oh please please please hulya learn italian so that you can improve my translations from turkish :D by the way, I’m translating something by Mehmet Yasin. He’s just great!

      • Firstly, I feel certain your translations from Turkish are stellar. Secondly: At my age? I suspect (behind proven research) languages must be acquired when little or at least young. Still, I would try and try and try, since you are now translating from Mehmet Yasin, whose work you say is “just great”. :o) (where are emoticons here, I am yet to figure out…)

      • yes, I know that when one is no longer litte it gets harder to learn a new language, yet Italian is worth a try eheheh
        As for Yasin, well, I warmly suggest to read his poems and novels, he’s the only true big voice of modern Cypriot literature, he writes in Turkish with some few words in Greek sometimes. By the way the emoticons pop out automatically if you select this option in the settings of WordPress. but I need a “blogging for dummies” for myself, I have no idea about all the rest :/

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more on the worth of learning Italian, Nicola! I really couldn’t! Special thanks for giving me the insight I needed into the work of Yasin. Now, this type of new learning, I can easily do (in fact, it is encouraged by experts regards people over …ahem… a certain age…well, I most certainly qualify with my 57 years of life in youth…). I very much look forward to acquainting myself with his work – I may even catch a few valuable Greek words here and there. As for your emoticon tip, I will make use of it right away. Until soon, I hope!

  3. Btw…Estağfurullah (regards your self-naming negatively…heheee (the modern Turkish phrase doesn’t do the trick, sorry for using an old response)

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