New issue of “Varlık Dergisi”: Nazim Hikmet and Trieste!

The June issue of the literary journal Varlık Dergisi is dedicated to Nazım Hikmet in the 50th anniversary of his death. I am also very happy to announce that my friend poet Tozan Alkan has published in the journal an account of his stay in Trieste, while we were guests of the “Castello di Duino” poetry prize… enjoy the reading!!!


10 June 2013 · 13:15

7 responses to “New issue of “Varlık Dergisi”: Nazım Hikmet and Trieste!

  1. First of all, I absolutely love visiting your blog site! And today, you just had to greet me with my all-time favorite poet, writer and personality: Nazım. Thank you, Nicola!

    • Dear Hulya, thnak you very very much! Nazim Hikmet is also one of my favourite figures, the one that constantly reminds you not to waste time, and never to give up in the fight for what you believe to be true and human. If I don’t talk too much about Nazim in my blog it is because, at least in Italy, when you mention contemporary Turkish poetry it looks like it ended with Nazim Hikmet…

      • Dear Nicola, I understand the approach well and you introduce poets/writers who also should be explored. I, for one, appreciate your work very much. Between the two of us: with Nazım nothing ended, right? On the contrary, much had begun and continues to begin…

      • i am definitely convinced of this! even if his influence has been conditioned by external factors (the state ban on his work), his verses are being quoted again and again in these last troubled days… :)

      • How wonderful it is to be understood this well – and through poetry, at that! Thanks, Nicola.

      • this protest wave is creating a lot of poetry, I’ll try to give news about it in the next posts…sana tesekkur ederim, Hulya! :)

      • Ben de sana, Nicola. Ne iyi oldu da, tanıştık! İyi günler, iyi çalışmalar.

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