Rind, or: Turkish Poetry Goes Back to Its Roots


I am happy to announce that the much-awaited literary journal Rind – Edebiyat Kitabı launched its first issue this month. Directed by Tuğrul Tanyol, Rind also hosts some the writing of some of the most important Turkish poets, of which Defter – Poesia Turca Contemporanea has published some Italian translations.

I found quite interesting that, besides the usual examples of contemporary poetic production, the focus of the first issue is the poet Yahya Kemal, the founder of today’s Turkish poetry. Yahya Kemal’s concept of “Rind” also gives the journal its title. It is all but easy to describe what Rind means: Rind is not just the person who does not care about the tangible world, in the sufi tradition, nor just a boheme in the European tradition. Yahya Kemal’s Rind goes beyond the distinction religious/ atheist, worldly/ detached, and keeps the relation with the outside world, although he is conscious that it eventually will disappear. In three wonderful poems, Yahya Kemal has described the life, evening and death of a Rind, which are the subject of an interesting essay by the literary critic Doğan Hızlan in the present publication.

The question is why, then, so strong is the need for memory and tradition. Is it a matter of traceability of the contemporary poetry writing, at a time when the poet has no social impact, and is far away from the mainstream communication? Are then the circumstances motivating a glance to the history of literature, in order to recover some longed-for genealogies? It is not a coincidence that Tanyol’s introduction is an invitation to rediscover the “Spirit of a poetic era.” Tanyol suggests that the bulk of the contributors to Rind are the same intellectuals who started publishing back in the 1980s, and as such have been labelled as “the 1980s generation.”

(Literary criticism in Turkey tends to think of the country’s poetic production in terms of decades: from the 1970s to the 2000(!), each decade seems to be expressing a new poetic vision. Now, this seems to be quite a comfy, but far from precise, generalisation…) Rind instead does not just group intellectuals that started their activity back in the 1980s. Younger poets and critics have been given space on Rind. The aim is of digging the memory of Turkish poetry writing, going back to it’s roots, thus the next issues will be focusing on Ahmet Haşim, Nazım Hikmet, Necip Fazıl, Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı, Orhan Veli.

As a result, a wide “poetic geography of Turkey” will be traced by the journal. Tanyol puts it poignantly when he asks: “If tradition is important, and if the modern Turkish poetry has created a tradition, is there anything more natural than transmitting that tradition to the coming generations?”

Enjoy the reading!


3 Sunum – Şiirsel Bir Çağın Ruhu

5 Yahya Kemal Dosyası

6 Doğan Hızlan – Rind ve Yahya Kemal Beyatlı

11 Abdullah Uçman – Yahya Kemal Şiir Anlayışı Üzerine Birkaç Söz

16 Haydar Ergülen – Yahya Kemal’in On İstanbul’u

21 Ali Günvar – Mâhurdan Gazel Ve Türkiye Şiirinin Modernleşmesi

23 Bâki Ayhan T – Rint ve Bohem Aynı Karede Üst Üste Çekilmiş Bir Fotoğraf

26 Mustafa Fırat – Vaziyetlerin Dikkatinde Olan Bir Şair: Yahya Kemal

29 Emel Koşar – Yahya Kemal’in “Eski Musiki” Şiirinde Geçmişin Büyüsü

31 Enis Batur – Sonuncu Tekil Şahıs Şiirlerden

35 Gültekin Emre – Dağınık Telaş

36 Tuğrul Tanyol – Beyaz Gül – Hafıza

38 Adnan Özer – Göçmenlik Şiirleri’nden

41 Gonca Özmen – Zincir

42 Mario Levi – Mario Levi’nin Yeni Çıkacak Olan Romanından Bir Kesit

46 Giuseppe Conte – E Non Dimenticarti Mai Del Mare- Ve Denizi Asla Unutma

51 Hilmi Haşal – Özdemir İnce ve Şiirin Evreni

54 V.B. Bayrıl – Lirik Tahayyüle Bir Yama Olarak Yara Şiirleri

56 Zaman ve Şiir Dosyası

57 Oktay Taftalı – Zaman ve Şiir Bağıntısı Üzerine

62 Tuğrul Tanyol – memento mori

64 Berna Olgaç – Ölüm, Yaşam, Zaman Üçlemesi

66 V.B. Bayrıl – Sub Alıo Caeli

68 Koray Feyiz – Soğuk

69 Metin Erol – Mustafa Fırat ile Karanlık Şiirler Üzerine Söyleşi

73 İlker İşgören – Silgi Belleği

75 Emre Polat – Kalp Raporu – Nahoş Gemi Yahut Genç Bir Adamın Kısa Hikâyesi

77 Çağrı Tanyol – Çok Eski Bir Duygunun Uyanışı

80 Emel Koşar – Heyamola


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