Cenk Gündoğdu receives the Metin Altıok Poetry Prize 2013

The poetry prize dedicated to the memory of the poet Metin Altıok, who lost his life in the arson of Sivas, will go this year to Cenk Gündoğdu. The Metin Altıok Şiir Ödülü has been awarded in the past editions to Haydar Ergülen, Azad Ziya Eren, Hulki Aktunç, Birhan Keskin and Tozan  Alkan. The jury included Doğan Hızlan, Hilmi Yavuz, Güven Turan, Talat S. Halman, Ali Cengizkan, Eray Canberk, and Ülkü Tamer. Another big success for Cenk Gündoğdu, whose first poetry book Issız had been recently awarded the Arkadaş Z. Özger prize. My personal congratulation to a dear friend and an outstanding poet! The ceremony will be held in İstanbul on Sat. 28 September at 7.30 pm.





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