Hüseyin Haydar and Müesser Yeniay awarded the Enver Gökçe Poetry Prize 2013

The Poetry Prize dedicated to the memory of the poet and writer Enver Gökçe (1950-1981) has been awarded to the poets Hüseyin Haydar (b. 1956) and Müesser Yeniay (b. 1983). The prize, launched by the “Edebiyat Kooperatifi” collective in 2008, aims at keeping the memory of the antimilitarist poet Gökçe alive. The jury included Metin Demirtaş, Niyazi Yaşar, Metin Cengiz, Yusuf Alper, Leylâ Şahin, Hayrettin Geçkin and Tuğrul Keskin. Haydar received the prize for his book Zor Günlerin Şiirleri (“Poems for the Hard Times”), and Yeniay for her latest collection of poems Yeniden Çizdim Göğü (“I’ve drawn the sky once again”). Congratulations to both of them!


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