Nâzım Hikmet Symposium (24-25 October 2013)

The Centre for Turkish Literature at Bilkent University is currently hosting a symposium on Nâzım Hikmet titled “The Role of Nâzım Hikmet, Poet of the Motherland, the World and the Human, in the Turkish and World Literatures” (“Vatan, Dünya ve İnsanlık Şairi Nâzım Hikmet’in Türk ve Dünya Edebiyatındaki Yeri”). Among the participants, Nedim Gürsel, Murat Belge, Dr. Aron Aji, Prof. Dr. Semih Tezcan, Hilmi Yavuz, Prof. Talât Halman, and Mahmut Temizyürek.




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2 responses to “Nâzım Hikmet Symposium (24-25 October 2013)

  1. For this event alone, I would like to know if people can fly…

  2. me too! unfortunately I just found out about it today…

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