Last Issue of Özgür Edebiyat :(


The prestigious literary journal Özgür Edebiyat announces its farewell to the readers with the issue number 42. The journal, curated by the literary critic Metin Celâl, has been hosting some of the most relevant voices of contemporary Turkish poetry. In this last number poets Oya Uysal, Gültekin Emre, Sina Akyol, Nilgün Üstün, Metin Celâl, Abdullah Şevki, Gökçenur Ç., Bâki Ayhan T., Selahattin Yolgiden, and Gülçin Sahilli have contributed with their compositions. Critic Oktay Taftalı looks at poetry and politics in the 1980s, while poet Veysel Çolak analyses the relations between poetry, freedom of expression and history of politics. The end of publication of Özgür Edebiyat should arise far-reaching questions on the future of literary criticism and the multiple ways in which poetry can nowadays meet its own readers, not only in Turkey…


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