“The 1980s Generation in Turkish Poetry”

On Monday December 2, 2013 the Mimar Sinan University for Fine Arts in Istanbul will host a day-long symposium on the place of the Generation of the 1980s in the Turkish poetry panorama. The keynote speaker will be the literary critic Doğan Hızlan. The first session (10:30-12:00) will be chaired by Prof. Dr. Abdullah Uçman, and will host some of the scholars and literary critics who have studied the poetry of the 1980s: Bâki Asiltürk, Emel Koşar, Alphan Akgül, Haluk Öner; in the second session (13:30-17:00) the most active poets of that generation, namely Tuğrul Tanyol, Ali Günvar, Haydar Ergülen, Adnan Özer, Oktay Taftalı, Metin Celâl, and Vural Bahadır Bayrıl will participate in the discussion.

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30 November 2013 · 14:36

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