Akbank Sanat – Two evenings with Turkish poetry

On the 15th and 22nd of January 2015, starting from 7:30 pm, the Akbank Sanat center will host two evenings with Turkish Poets, curated by küçük İskender. The first evening features poets Gonca Özmen, Haydar Ergülen, Turgay Fisekçi, and Metin Cengiz, while the second evening will be dedicated to younger voices, namely Ekin Metin Sözüpek, Şakir Özüdoğru, Sinem Sal, and Arif Erguvan.
For more information visit http://www.akbanksanat.com/detay/15-01-2015/gunumuz-turk-siiri-i and http://www.akbanksanat.com/detay/22-01-2015/gunumuz-turk-siiri-ii

see you there!


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