Nilüfer Şiir Kütüphanesi: The Treasure Island of Turkish Poetry

Last month I had the chance to visit the Poetry Library of Nilüfer (in Turkish, Nilüfer Şiir Kütüphanesi), hosted in the beautiful premises of the Nazım Hikmet Kültür Evi in Nilüfer, in the outskirts of Bursa (Metro station: Yüzüncü Yıl).
The library is run by a smiling young staff of 5 people who ensure wide opening hours, from 9am to 9pm, activities with children in a soundproof section,
poetry and literary events (recently Orhan Pamuk, Ahmet Telli, and next comes Enis Batur), and a wide range of research activities. Every month, for example, a poet is dedicated a small display including biographical data and chosen poems. When I was there it was the turn of Ataol Behramoğlu, celebrating this year his fifty years of activity: DSCN7781
The Library also hosts numerous periodicals, while a section is devoted to rare books (most of them signed by the authors, or first editions), as well as the library of Memet Fuat, the most prominent Turkish critic:
Finally, personal objects and manuscripts belonging to Turkish poets are donated to the library and kept in an ever-growing archival section. Among the object that were on display during my visit, the first book, the printing receipt and the pipe of küçük İskender!
My congratulations to this young and dynamic institution! Hep şiirle!


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