Love and Art explored by Edebiyatta Üç Nokta


The latest issue of the literary journal Edebiyatta Üç Nokta explores the relationship between art and love in its widest implications, through the life experiences of poets Octavio Paz, Ilhan Berk, Leyla Şahin ve Baki Ayhan T., also touching upon the philosophy of Spinoza, and of Ali Shariati.

Anticonformist, irreverent, provocative poet Hüseyin Kıran is the protagonist of a section in which he discusses a wide range of themes, from the political role of the poet to the Gezi demonstration, interdisciplinarity, power and injustices, through the lens of his own career, starting in 2004 with the poetry book Madde Kara (The Matter is Obscure).

Poets Sina Akyol, Betül Tarıman, küçük iskender, Muzaffer Kale, Elif Sofya, Hüseyin Köse, Mesut Aşkın, Levent Karataş, Duygu Kankaytsın, Mustafa Atapay, Onur Sakarya, Zafer Zorlu, Kurt Drawert and Talita Yaltırık participate in this issue with their poems.

Finally, I am happy to announce that Italian poet Domenico Brancale is also devoted a section with three poems translated by myself with the help of the editor Cenk Gündoğdu, to whom I am extremely grateful!

Enjoy the reading!

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