poetry blossoms in Asian Istanbul!

In the next days two major events will take place on the Asian side of Istanbul:

The first is a literature festival hosted by the historical Haydarpasa train station, hosting poets Ataol Behramoglu, Onur Caymaz, Onur Behramoglu, Haydar Ergulen, and others, between 1 and 5 June… the program is here http://www.kadikoy.bel.tr/documents/file/1_Kitap%20gunleri_brosur.pdf

The second event is the Atasehir “Nazim Hikmet International Poetry Days”, directed by Ergulen, with the participation of poets Ahmet Telli (guest of honour) and Enver Ercan, Baki Ayhan , Metin Cengiz,  Cenk Gündoğdu,  Sina Akyol, Tozan Alkan, and Arife Kalender, among others. The program is here: http://www.atasehir.bel.tr/Uploads/UploadFile/Files/0ec73854daf24212aade593a28d37066.jpg

see you there!


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